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From beautiful bouquets to fantastic floral features, flowers play a big role in completing the perfect wedding scheme. At South West Event Studio, we’re proud to collaborate with some of the most talented florists in the South West. To help make picking your wedding day petals as effortless as possible, we’ve asked the experts for their advice!  

Here are 10 top tips from Nardine from Scentiment Flowers @scentiment_flowers, Lara Rose @lararose_botalicalstylist, Elli Page @flowersbyellipage,  and Adele from Wildart Floral @wildartfloral: 

  1. Do your research!  Stalk your favourite florists on Instagram so you can get a feel for their work, and ensure they have a great deal of experience so they can offer expert advice and recommendations.  
  2. Shortlist your favourites and organise a meeting.  Narrow your list of florists down to a few that you really love and tee up a meeting or phone call to make sure your vision and the florist’s ethos are a great match. Nardine from Scentiment Flowers says, “This is best done over the winter months. During the peak wedding season, we are totally dedicated to our current clients’ weddings and we often work around the clock to keep everything running smoothly!” 
  3. Select based on talent and trust.  Choose the florist whose style you love, and who is willing to work with you to achieve your desired wedding scheme. Lara Rose lararose_botanicalstylist says, “The more you can trust and give creative license to them, the more amazing the finished creations will be.” 
  4. Talk about your budget.  Let your florist know how much you’re willing to spend so you can both set realistic expectations.
  5. Chat about your desired colour scheme with an open mind.  By knowing what colour bridesmaids’ dresses, suits and linens you plan to have, your florist can suggest flowers that will best complement these colours. They may even suggest flowers and colours you’d never considered, so try to stay open minded!  
  6. Let your florist know your ceremony and reception venues.  Adele from Wildart Floral says, “These are great indicators as to what style and colours you should go for. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you may want a more laid-back style with cascading eucalyptus and pampas grass. Whereas, if you are having a forest wedding, you may want to steer clear of using a lot of greenery as this may blend into the surroundings.” 
  7. Develop an Option B.  Elli Page says, “Because flowers are seasonal, you may need to work on alternative options just in case the flowers you want are not available.”
  8. Follow your personal preferences over the latest trends.  Nardine from Scentiment Flowers says, “I believe your wedding flowers and styling should reflect your personalities, the things you love doing together as a couple, how you dress, how you have chosen to style your home and most of all – your favourite colours or colours that have sentimental value to you. So, if you have filled your home with bright, joyful art – then choose colours that mirror that.  If you love the beach and have selected a coastal location for your wedding – reflect that in your styling. If you love the changing seasons and falling leaves, let’s go for autumnal foliage, colours and textures throughout your styling. Just because neutrals and dried palms are all the rage at the moment doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your personality!”
  9. Don’t get sucked down the Pinterest rabbit hole!  Nardine from Scentiment Flowers says, “By all means check out Pinterest and Instagram for further inspiration, but beware – you can get sucked down a very large rabbit hole and start to question all your decisions every time you see something new and exciting. So, once you have confidently locked in your wedding styling and colour theme – walk away from both!!!”
  10. Work with seasonal flowers and foliage if possible.  Nardine from Scentiment Flowers says that when you work with locally grown and seasonal flowers “you will get the best quality blooms available at the best possible price.” 


At South West Event Studio, we really are so much more than an event hire company. As well as our professional design and co-ordination services, we can connect you with our network of premium event suppliers. We love recommending and working with local florists we know and love to help our clients’ vision come into full bloom!