FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions

FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions2020-04-21T06:43:39+08:00
Hiring Policy
Do you have a minimum hire order?2022-07-01T15:50:27+08:00

There is no minimum hire amount for a ‘Dry Hire/Pick-Up’ order. As at 1 July 2022, for all orders requiring transport and labour, a minimum spend of $2,500 (Equipment only component, transport additional) for a delivery service to the local (South West, WA) Area, and $5,000 (Equipment only component, transport additional) outside of the local (South West, WA) Area applies. Delivery fees will be quoted based on Equipment selected, distance from the depot and labour required.

Do you offer a “Planning/Styling” service?2020-04-21T06:06:20+08:00

Yes, we do offer this service. Contact us directly to see how we can help you with your event.

What areas do you service?2020-04-21T06:04:48+08:00

We mainly service the South West WA region, we can also travel to the Great Southern region and Perth Metro.

Do you have a showroom or place that we can see the “Hire Items”?2022-01-12T11:51:39+08:00

Yes, we have a showroom in Busselton that is open by appointment only.

Delivery, Collection & Setup
When will my “Items” be delivered?2020-04-21T06:11:04+08:00

A member of our team will contact you on Tuesday the week of the delivery to schedule a time in for your delivery. All delivery times given allow a 1 hour window.

We will also consult with your Venue also to schedule a time that is suitable to them.

Will you “Setup” our Hired Items when delivered?2020-04-21T06:10:39+08:00

If you have hired a Marquee/Furniture and other items off us we will place these items out as per our complimentary Floorplan that we provide when hiring from us.

Otherwise, we will deliver your items to the Venue for yourself or your “Planner/Stylist” to arrange for you. We will set the tables in place as per your/their instructions.

PLEASE NOTE you, or your Planner/Stylist will need to be onsite to coordinate this. We do not place Decor Items out as part of our delivery unless you have engaged us to Setup/Style for you.

Can I pay on Collection?2020-04-21T06:09:46+08:00

All orders need to be paid in full 21 days prior to the collection date or they will not be packed. We do not allow payment on collection.

Can we pick up our “Hire Items”?2022-01-12T11:57:42+08:00

Yes, you can collect items at our Busselton warehouse @ 40 Cook Street. Collection times and dates will be pre-arranged as the warehouse is not staffed when we are out on deliveries, site meets and set-ups.

Do you charge “Delivery Fees” and how much are they?2020-04-21T06:44:32+08:00

Delivery Fees are necessary for our business and we charge them on a basis of the number of items hired/ weight of items/date of event/delivery location and accessibility of site.

Our fees take into consideration
• 1-2 hours to load a truck with 2 people.
• Actual time of travel to your location.
• 1-2 hours to unload the truck with 2 people
• Placement of furniture (if required)
• Return to location to collect all items… everything above repeated.

We do everything to keep these fuel/labour costs to minimum and we do not make a profit on deliveries.

Deposits, Final Payments, Quotes & Invoices
What is your Quote/Invoice process?2020-04-21T06:13:30+08:00

We will provide you with a Quote for the items you have requested. Once you are happy with the Quote and wish to go ahead with the booking an Invoice will be issued. Your deposit is then required to secure the booking along with a signed copy of our T&C’s.

PLEASE NOTE Your booking is not secured/guaranteed until we receive your deposit and signed copy of the T&C’s.

When is my Final Payment required?2020-04-21T06:13:03+08:00

Full payment is required 21 days prior to the event date. If your event is booked within the 21 day period full payment is required when booking.

Do you require a deposit?2022-01-12T11:53:07+08:00

Yes, to secure your booking with us a deposit is required to guarantee the “Date” of booking and “Hired Items” A copy of our Terms and Conditions is also required to be signed and returned back to us to secure the booking.

PLEASE NOTE Credit Card details are required on T&C’s as part of the booking process. These are kept on file as security until the end of the hire period.

Damaged, Lost, Stolen or Unclean Equipment
Ive been charged for “Lost” Items and I have found it, can I return it?2020-04-21T06:16:22+08:00

If you return a “Lost” Item that you have been charged you may return it to our warehouse within 5 days after the event date and we will issue a refund. No exceptions will be made after 5 days.

What is your “Cleaning Policy” on Hired Items?2021-06-02T14:55:37+08:00

Our “Cleaning Policy” is as follows-
• LINEN Can be returned “UNCLEAN” in bags provided.
PLEASE NOTE- we do not allow WAX CANDLES on our Linen. Any linen returned with wax on them or excessively dirty will be charged full replacement cost of the linen.
• CUTLERY must be rinsed of all food debris and returned dry. Excessively dirty Cutlery may incur a “Cleaning Fee”.
• CROCKERY Must be scraped clean of food debris and rinsed. Excessively dirty Crockery may incur a “Cleaning Fee”
• FURNITURE Must be returned in a “CLEAN” state, free of food, debris, dirt etc. Please do not use abrasive cleaners on our furniture.
• GLASSWARE Can be returned “UNCLEAN” in the original packaging that was delivered. Excessively dirty Glassware or Packaging may incur a “Cleaning Fee”

What if I notice that some items are missing or damaged from my order?2020-04-21T06:14:50+08:00

All our Hired Items are checked, cleaned and counted prior to delivery/collection however if you notice items missing or damaged or not in a satisfactory condition please ensure we are notified 6 hours within receiving your Hired Items to avoid extra charges for non returns or damages. We will rectify any missing items prior to your event.

What happens if a hired item gets damaged/lost/stolen or broken?2020-04-21T06:14:22+08:00

If an item is lost/stolen/broken/damaged (including packaging items) you will be charged for the full replacement of the items. All our equipment is inspected/counted and processed on Monday/Tuesday the week after your event. You will be notified of any damaged or non returned items then and your Credit Card will be charged for the replacement cost or repair of the items and an Invoice will be issued to you.

Cancellations & Amendments Policy
Can I change my Order?2020-05-18T03:25:42+08:00

Changes can be made to your order 21 days prior to the event date, after this time we allow for additional only to your order as this is considered loss of opportunity if you drastically decrease your order.

What is your “Cancellation” policy?2020-04-21T06:17:03+08:00

Should you need to cancel your event the booking deposit is non refundable. We are able to transfer your booking to another date providing we receive cancellation prior of 21 days before the event booking.

Cancellations within 21 days prior to event date will be refunded delivery fee’s however the Hire Items dollar amount will not be refunded as this is considered loss of opportunity.