Our “Cleaning Policy” is as follows-
• LINEN Can be returned “UNCLEAN” in bags provided.
PLEASE NOTE- we do not allow WAX CANDLES on our Linen. Any linen returned with wax on them or excessively dirty will be charged full replacement cost of the linen.
• CUTLERY must be rinsed of all food debris and returned dry. Excessively dirty Cutlery may incur a “Cleaning Fee”.
• CROCKERY Must be scraped clean of food debris and rinsed. Excessively dirty Crockery may incur a “Cleaning Fee”
• FURNITURE Must be returned in a “CLEAN” state, free of food, debris, dirt etc. Please do not use abrasive cleaners on our furniture.
• GLASSWARE Can be returned “UNCLEAN” in the original packaging that was delivered. Excessively dirty Glassware or Packaging may incur a “Cleaning Fee”